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NSYSA BU15 Div2 Fall

The following summarized scores by team include Match Results on file as of Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at 5:19pm PDT. The Standings include any Match where the Referee of record has filed a Match Result. The Standings are in descending order by total points with a Win=3 points, Tie=1 Point, and Loss=0 Points.

PlaceWSYSA TeamWinsLossesTiesGFGAPoints

If you are interested, you can also obtain a Detail display of all the Results for this division.

Ties will be resolved as follows

  1. Head to head competition results
  2. Fewest goals against
  3. Best goal differential: All league games.
  4. Should a tie still exist, teams will share the placement and the next level of award will not be awarded (example: Tied for first - both are co-champions and a second place is not awarded.)

1This page does NOT factor in the tie breaker logic described and, as a result, may display teams with Point total ties in the incorrect sequence.