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The Field named BI Stadium is at the Location named Bainbridge Island High School

Bainbridge Island High School Map

9330 NE High School Rd
Bainbridge Island, WA  98110-2619
At this Location
  1. BI 1 (Grass)
  2. BI 2 (Grass)
  3. BI Stadium (Turf)
  4. BIHS Common (Room)
  5. BIHS Auditorium (Room)
  6. BIHS LGI Room (Room)
  7. BIHS Choir Room (Room)
  8. BIHS Room 233 - Teleconference Rm (Room)
  9. BIHS Rm 406 (Room)
  10. BIHS Rm 303 (Room)
  11. BIHS Rm 173 (Room)
  12. BIHS Bldg #300 (Room)
    The 300 building is the large two story building to the right of the new 200 building. The main doors have a two story glass entry area--and rooms 328-329 are upstairs--right at the top of the stairs. These rooms are connected with a moveable wall--so they accommodate up to 60 plus...
  13. BIHS Library Reading Room (Room)
  14. BIHS - Exact Rm Unknown (Room)
  15. BIHS Rm 228 (Room)
For parking close to BI1, BI2 or BIHS #2 - park by the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center vice the actual High School as there really is no convenient access to the North Fields through the front of Bainbridge High School on High School Road.
Google Map of the Vicinity
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