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FieldsToday, Fit Tomorrow

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The Fields Today, Fit Tomorrow Task Team was created with the sole purpose of developing “state of the art”, turf, and lighted fields for the community (youth and adults and multiple sports) of Greater Kitsap Peninsula over the next two years.

Mission Statement

The mission is to facilitate and expedite the building of athletic fields for our citizens and youth today, as growth and development of Kitsap County takes place. This program will enable the procurement of future fields and facilities to provide fitness for all generations.


WSYSA District IV hired a consultant (NW Parks Foundation) to help review the adequacy of existing soccer facilities with the purpose of creating a long term development plan to drive the future of soccer in our community. After 9 months of developmental meetings, research and presentations the District and its members came to the consensus that District IV needed a Field Development Committee made up of representatives from each member Association and Club and led by a Task Team of local leaders with the purpose of developing fields for soccer and other sports that use similar size fields.

The Task Team will start by focusing on existing projects which need additional support and funding to enable completion. The Task Team will work with the political groups, planning commissions, recreation departments, interested citizens groups and sponsors. The current projects are Pendergast, Bainbridge Island (Battle Point), Gordon Field, South Kitsap Park, and North Kitsap College Park.

Task Team Members


Below is a listing of possible projects that are currently being looked into. These are listed in Alphabetical Order - and does not indicate any priority or anticipated order of development.

  • Bainbridge Island (Battlepoint) - Completed 10/25/2009

    Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District (BIMPRD) and Bainbridge Island Youth Soccer Club (BIYSC) formed a partnership to renovate the two sand/rubber playing fields, #4 and #5, at Battlepoint Park.

    The Bainbridge Island (Battlepoint) Project was completed when the facility officially opened on 10/25/2009. Congratulations to Laura Sachs and the BIYSC for all their hard work in bringing this project to completion for the Youth on the Island.

  • Gordon Field
  • North Kitsap - College Marketplace
  • Pendergast
  • South Kitsap Park (Jackson & Lund)