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2011 Washington Youth Soccer Recreational Cup - Qtr Finals CompletedPrintable

2011 Washington Youth Soccer Recreational Cup - Qtr Finals Completed

This past weekend (12/03/11 & 12/04/11), recreational teams from the seven (7) Districts across the state participated in the 2011 Quarter Final Round of the Washington Youth Soccer Recreational Cup. District IV had 20 teams moving on to this Quarter Final Round from the local District IV portion of the tournament which concluded prior to Thanksgiving.

Of the 20 teams that District IV had playing in these Quarter Final games, only two will be moving on to the Semi- Finals.
These two team are:
- BU17 CK2 94 Wolves won their Quarter Final 4-0
- GU19 Tracyton Jaguars won their Quarter Final 3-0

They will be joining District IV's GU17 Tracyton Cougars at the Semi Finals next weekend. The GU17 bracket had no Quarter Final Round this year as only four of the Districts had teams participating.

District IV did have several other teams that came close to moving on this past weekend, loosing either in OT or in Kicks From the Mark (KFM)following completion of OT Periods. Those teams are:
GU13 TR1 Tigers - lost in overtime by the score of 0-1
GU14 BI4 97 - lost in overtime by the score of 1-3
BU12 NK6 Hawks 99 - Lost by KFM. Game was tied 0-0 after overtime and after the first five KFM it was tied 2-2. It took till the 8th kicker for the D2 - R '99 Fireballs to win by 2-3
GU12 CK1 Blasters 99 lost by KFM. Game was tied 2-2 after overtime. KFM score 0-1.

Semi Finals Schedules

All three of the District IV teams are playing on Sunday Dec 11th at Starfire Sports Complex-> in Tukwila.
The GU17 and BU17 teams Semi Final game are at 10:30AM (Final at 3:30PM)
The GU19 Semi Final game is at 12:30PM (Final at 5:30PM)

Best of luck to these teams this weekend.