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The Zone Sportsplex - Coaches Talk by Cliff McCrathPrintable

The Zone Sportsplex Announces a Coaches Talk by Cliff McCrath

The Zone Sportsplex is excited to announce that US Soccer Hall of Fame Coach, Cliff McCrath, will be hosting a coach’s discussion @ The Zone Sportsplex from 6pm-8pm on April 2nd. Cliff’s incredible carrier includes coaching the SPU Men’s Soccer team to 5 NCAA national titles.

Topic: Soccer Team Management, titled 'The Fine Art of Camel Driving':

We will only take 40 registrants so please hurry to register. The registration fee will be shared with Olympic College Mens and Womens soccer teams as this is a fund raiser for them. The cost is $25/coach. You can register online at http://www.maxsolutionsonline.com/zonesportsplex/-> , call The Zone 360.697.9663, or drop by to register.