District IV Committees

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District IV TOPSoccer

The District IV TOPSoccer Committee is made up of the following Members (as of Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 at 9:11pm PDT):

1 Sue Pendt District IV Email 52080-303278 Approved Chair
2 Brannon Shalley District IV Email 95140-184604 Approved Port Orchard Program Director
3 Vacant District IV Port Orchard Program - Member
4 Becky J. Siegrist District IV Email Bremerton Program Director
5 Vacant District IV Bremerton Program Member
6 Vacant District IV Poulsbo Program Director
7 Susan E. Steindorf District IV Email Bainbridge Island Program Director
8 Tim Nash District IV Email Administrative Member
9 David Graham Brasher District IV Email 12350-190634 Approved Administrative Member
10 Kasey O'Leary District IV Email 59558-689646 Approved Administrative Member
11 Vacant District IV Email Administrative Member