District IV Committees

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The Development Committee is made up of the following Members (as of Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 2:30am PDT):

1 Vacant District IV Email Chair
2 John Wedge District IV Email 82806-265527 None WSYSA Peninsula Region Dir/Education
3 Sheila Smith District IV Email Advisor
4 Dawn D Byron Email 60886-733791 Approved CKSC President
5 Erick Van Hofwegen Email 91913-660065 Approved CKSC Director of Competition
6 Joel Galbraith Email 37070-263215 Approved NMSC President
7 Roland F. Wilson Email 17966-677989 Approved NMSC VP
8 Chris Matala Email 66040-341203 Approved SKSC DOC (Reg)
9 Vacant SKSC DOC (Mod)
10 Vacant Email SKSC DOC (Academy)
11 George Charles Campbell Email 46512-405535 Approved Director of Coaching
12 Louis Franklin Bond NSYSA Email 60819-207259 Approved NSYSA President
13 Bethany Smith JCSC Email 62659-462893 Approved JCSC President
14 Andrew Cluness NKSC Email 51012-992877 Approved NKSC Dir of Develop
15 David Graham Brasher OYSA Email 12350-190634 Approved OYSA President
16 Vacant Storm King Storm King
17 Darin E.L. Reidel PAYSC Email PAYSC President
18 Don C Droz PAYSC Email PAYSC Head Coach
19 Andrew Burke Chapman PAYSC Email PAYSC - Member
20 Ken W Garling SJSC Email 35736-210017 Approved SJSC President
21 Kasey O'Leary District IV Email 59558-689646 Approved Administrative Member
22 Vacant District IV Email Administrative Member
23 Brian W Burdick Email 79352-896124 Approved Dir of Competition
24 Steve R Vonheeder Email 12421-153781 Approved BSC President
25 Vacant District IV Email Administrative Member